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HEVaSOF imports and sells the finest unique African art, African masks, Plaques, and now Benin bronze.   We work directly with the best artists in historic S.W. Nigeria.  Suitable for home decor, office, or collectors, we invite you to enjoy these one of a kind hand made fine art works.  It is a privilege and a pleasure to bring them to you.

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Queen Eden Mask

Ceremonial Oba


November 30th, 2008 - Update. As those of you who have been visiting for some time have noticed we have not been updating the site regularly. I have moved to Alaska, working with a wonderful tribal health consortium, and have been so busy it has been impossible to do much work with the web site. I was able to set up a small booth at the local "Public Market" just after Thanksgiving, and met a lot of wonderful people, and sold a few pieces. To each who visited my booth, and were able to share a bit of this rich and long standing culture I thank you. It is a pleasure to share the little I understand and hopefully make us more informed, tolerant, and understanding. It is fun to see how certain pieces appeal to different people, art truly is in the eye of the beholder. For those who connected with a particular piece, and purchased, I thank you and hope you enjoy your purchase for generations.

HEVaSOF carries the finest home decor in statues, masks, and wall hangings in both wood and brass/bronze.  African art, African masks, and the best of unique Benin Bronze.  Each art work comes with a certificate of authenticity that the piece is a modern art work from that specific artist.  We guarantee your satisfaction. 

We currentlywork directly with six of the best artists in S.W. Nigeria to bring you their most exciting, unique, and beautiful art works.  As you view the African masks, statues, and wall hangings in both wood and bronze we hope you feel the spirit of the culture and history being displayed.  It is such a pleasure to work with you, our artists, and these significant art works.  They bring a beautiful aesthetic and rich culture to any home or office.

Each piece is worked by hand by master artists, many coming from generations of artisans.  To find more about our artists visit our Artists page

We are very pleased to have a few select bronze pieces from Eric Ogbemudia.  A beautiful new bust of Queen Iden is new on the web site.   Please read about the lost wax bronze casting process in our culture section, its truly fascinating.

Our site is under reconstruction from time to time.  Thank you for your patience as we strive to bring you the best online viewing and purchasing experience possible. 

If you have any questions or a custom request - please contact us dave1@hevasof.com.   We love working with you or your decorator on your home decor, office decor, or collecting needs. We are proud to be industry partners with the American Society of Interior Decorators, experts in home decor and design.

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