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Hevasof is the site for the work of David R. Edwards.  You can see some specifics on the left, and also discover where Hevasof comes from in the "about us" tab. 

Most of my efforts these days are building toward the launch of HVASF, a new service that helps real people achieve their goals and live their best lives by reinforcing personal motivation through a system that is effective, affordable, and easy to do.  Stay tuned,  updates will be made weekly through the projected launch in October 2019. 

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From time to time I will post my thoughts on current topics.  You can find them on my Linked-In page and here under the "Blogs" tab.

A dear friend read my linked-In page and having worked closely with me suggested the following (thanks Katie): 

Today’s healthcare system comes with many blessings and many challenges. No doubt, the people who serve with their hearts and their heads make the difference in patients’ lives—and the world—everyday. In what's become a nearly 35 year career in healthcare, it’s been a vital professional goal of mine to support those people and organizations that seek to make a profound impact, not by pursuing what’s status quo but by getting healthily uncomfortable, setting unique goals and creating powerful strategies that don’t focus on the now but take into consideration what’s to come years, even decades down the road. I’ve worked in organizations that have high employee engagement and in those that did not—all of which have empowered me with a breadth of leadership experience and gifted some hard lessons from which I've built upon, always with another goal, to make a difference as cliché as it may sound. The difference in my leadership approach and the vision I have for healthcare is that it must be real, organic and always dedicated to building stronger, more resilient individuals within an organization, as well the people it serves—and even the community that exists beyond the facility’s “walls.” I’m currently looking for an organization that shares the values of wellness without walls and upholds a unique vision of what healthcare means today and for the future of our world. 

While I no longer actively market art works, you might enjoy a bit of history from this amazing people and region. Check out the "Hevasof Art" tab to the left-  Enjoy! 

The World Alliance for Wellness is my passion, and perhaps where I will make the greatest difference in my working life.  Please click to find out more - and remember:

You are not your disease, you are a whole person of inestimable worth!