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Thank you for visiting Hevasof.  Over a decade ago I was working in Nigeria to commission a new hospital as part of an international team.  While there I was fascinated by the local culture and arts.  Meeting with local artists I was asked to market art works in the United States.  As I considered this I thought about why I would do that, other than as a kindness or just a business opportunity.  You see I learned early in my career that not only is what I do important, but how and why I do it.

It made me think generically about why I loved working in health care so much, and if I could find that same satisfaction and intrinsic motivation in any other effort.  This is when I cam up with the principles and acronym for Hevasof - HEalth, Vigor, Animation, and SOcial Feeling. 

In all my efforts to make the world a better place I strive to support these positive human helpful conditions.