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Hevasof Consulting                                                                                       2019

One Community Health, Hood River, OR                                                       2014 – 2018
I was the CEO of this Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) operating an integrated Person Focused Health Home including primary care, behavioral health, and dental.  We were a state of Oregon Tier 4 Health Home when I left.  We grew from just over 80 staff when I arrived to just over 160 when I left and managed an $18 million budget.  Accomplishments: I created a culture that consistently exceeded financial and quality goals, creatively met community needs, and exceeded patient expectations. Quality went from volatile and below average to become consistently the best in our region. Reputation went from a struggling and unengaged organization to one that was “a preferred partner for advancing health and social justice”.   

Hevasof Consulting -                                                                                      2013 – 2014
As a consultant/CEO I helped to build a strong foundation for an integrated medical, dental, behavioral startup in Ohio. 

Clackamas County FQHC, Oregon City, OR                                                    2010 – 2013
I was the Director of an FQHC within a county government operating an integrated Person Focused Health Home model including primary care, behavioral health, dental, and public health. We were a state of Oregon Tier 3 Health Home when I left.  We had over 200 staff when I left and a $35 million budget. 
Accomplishments: ·        
More than doubled in size while creating a sustainable and scalable business and operating model.       
Turned around a reputation as a failing organization to one which was a desirable partner as demonstrated by multiple key collaborative relationships with local hospitals, payers, and service organizations. 

SEARHC (South East Alaska Regional Health Consortium) Juneau, AK         2007 – 2010
I was the VP of Finance and Administration for this tribally owned integrated system with roughly 1,000 employees, $100 million budget, with a 27 bed hospital, 8 FQHC sites, 2 large regional hubs, outpatient medical, dental, behavioral health, P.T., optometry, prevention, and disease management services.  Joint Commission Accredited. Accomplishments: ·         Analyzed financial and operating practices through personal interviews and analysis, which led to board supported strategic improvements in financial and operating practices and adoption of a modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. ·         Engaged the board, senior leadership, and key staff in an integrated strategic and financial planning process resulting in board adoption of best practices. ·         Organized and led consortium-wide transformation effort resulting in breaking down of silos, improved communication, greater accountability and transparency, and from a $4 million loss to consistent positive net margins.   

Hevasof Consulting                                                                                        2004-2006        Multiple projects including an FQHC startup and hospital commissioning in Nigeria.   

THE HEART INSTITUTE OF SPOKANE - Spokane, WA                                    1992 – 2003
I was the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and then the COO (Chief Operating Officer) with 115 staff committed to reducing the impact of cardiovascular disease through a collaborative research program, professional and community outreach and education, and optimal clinical care.  Accomplishments:         
Coordinated a two year, top to bottom, restructuring process that culminated in a new mission statement and strategic vision, which unified us and energized the staff. ·       
The Heart Institute was a “neutral ground” where very competitive groups and hospitals engaged to identify and pursue mutually beneficial collaborative opportunities. ·        
Identified the need for and developed a holistic and cost effective cardiovascular disease management program that reduced critical risk factors by 30%. ·        
Developed and implemented a series of communication enhancements during a time of rapid and significant change that reduced fears and increased commitment of the staff. ·        
Created an innovative insurance carve out with access to all cardiology physician and hospital care for 17,000 lives which united physicians and hospital and improved community-wide compliance with best practices by 30%. ·        
Started physician focused EMR hosting business growing to over 200 users in 4 years.  
Early Career                                                                                                    1983 – 1992 I started at Sea-Mar an FQHC where I grew from a part time accountant to become their first CFO, tried a stint at the cable company as an accounting manager and realized mission mattered, and worked with elderly and stroke victims at Full Life in Seattle.  
EDUCATION City University, Bellevue, WA        MBA Healthcare Administration
Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA    B.A., Business Administration    

SERVICE & PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS I provide hours of personal service every week primarily through my church, served on the board of the Northwest Primary Care Association, on the board of the Columbia Gorge Coordinated Care Organization, North Clackamas Social Needs Roundtable, Board Member Southwest Washington Accountable Community of Health, founding member of the Gorge Wellness Alliance.   

* (MBA = Master of Business Administration – focus on Healthcare Administration)                     (FACHE = Fellow American College of Healthcare Executives – a professional designation demonstrating a commitment to professionalism and ethical behavior)