Agbe - Fulani Women Bust  
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Fulani Women Bust
Agbe   large product photo

This is a lovely bust of a Fulani Women.  It is simple, yet elegant.  The wood grain is lovely in this piece, which was what attracted me initially. 

The more I look at it, though, its the simple beauty of the carving that  is striking by itself.  There is very little by way of adornment, jewelry, or hair set.  It is much more typical of an average women in Africa. 

I don't have precise measurments or weight on this piece as there was not enough room to bring it over this last trip.  These pictures were taken in the hotel room in Ibadan.   It stands in the 16 to 18 inch range and weighs 3-5 pounds.  Carved from lovely kings ebony wood.   I should be able to get it by the end of July, as I am planning a major shipment at that time.  We could, of course, get it here sooner if you were willing to pay a bit more for shipping.

Price - $250.00