Queen Iden Bronze Bust  
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Queen Iden Bust


Queen Eden was the wife of Oba Ewuakpe, around 1700.  Akenuxama was the rightful heir to the throne, but he was very elderly.  He asked that his son, Idova, be given the crown.  This was granted and he was crowned Oba under the title Ewaukpe.  King Ewaukpe for some reason almost immediately lost his fame and respect and all his subjects refused to pay homage to him. His other wives, friends, and chiefs deserted him and he was even denied entry to his mother's village when he went for assistance. He returned to his palace and consulted with the oracle who informed him that to regain his lost glory a human sacrifice was required.  Since no person stayed by him there was no way to get a human for the sacrifice to meet the deadline of the oracle. Only Queen Iden remained faithful, and she offered herself as sacrifice and instructed the king that her grave must be protected and that no one should step or walk on it for all time. The grave sight is located at the present Oba Market.

The sacrifice did work it seems, and over time the chiefs and people returned and Oba Ewaukpe lived a productive and long life. 



This substantial piece weighs 12.4 pounds and stands 17 inches tall. 

Price - $750.00

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