Agbe - African Women Bust - NEW!  
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Fulani Women Bust

The African women are some of the hardest working in the world.  Historically an agrarian based economy, the women work with the farm, the family, and work in the market as well.  It is so very common to see a women carrying her baby on her back (in a wrap) while carrying goods to market on her head.


This lovely bust was inspired by the femininity of these hard working women.  The beauty is much more than face deep.


This is a lovely and detailed work done in Kings Ebony.  The grain of the wood is spectacular thorugh the face and bodice of the piece.  All of the black wood is totally natural, and in order to get this effect you have to get into the center of the wood.  On the back view you will notice a black line, which is simply the a strain of black and is totally natural, not a crack, paint, or flaw.  This adds to the uniqueness and inherent beauty of the piece.


This is a mid-sized piece standing about 16 inches tall, and weighing just over 4 pounds.  The weight is substantial, somewhat suprising given the delicate nature of the work.  The ebony is a very dense hardwood, however, and the pieces tend to be fairly heavy. 

Price - SOLD 

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