Ihama - Oba in Costume Bust - NEW!  
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Oba in Costume Bust
Ihama   benin bronze, brass statue, bust of Oba, african art, african masks

This is a wonderful example of Benin Brass works. 

Cast using the lost wax method each piece is completely unique, as the detail of each work is lost completely when the wax is melted off. 

This is a substantial piece which we do not have in the U. S. at this time.  These pictures were taken from the Ihama family shop in Benin City.  It stands over 30 inches tall, and weighs well over 20 pounds. 

If you are interested in this piece, we will ship it from Nigeria to our offices, and then right to you.  This is necessary for customs reasons. 

Notice the detailed work in the coral beads in the crown, around the neck, and accross the chest.  The artist creates the original in bees wax around a clay form, with a wonderful level of detail, using the same centuries old methods employed by the royal bronze casters of yesteryear. 



If you are interested in a bronze bust of this type - please contact us and we can commission one for you.