Osamede - Great Hunter 2  
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Great Hunter - 2
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I love this piece. 

The Nigerian Great Hunter - 2 is an imposing figure with his spear.  His prey today is an antelope, a fine prize for any hunter. 

Carved by hand from kings ebony the wood grain in this piece is incredible.  All of the black is totally natural from the beauty of the wood itself. 

Except for the spear, which is removable, the entire piece is carved from a single piece of ebony wood. 

This substantial art work stands nearly 24 inches high, and is 9 inches wide at the base.  It weighs a significant 11 and a half pounds. 

Through history in S.W. Nigeria hunters have played a significant role.  They of course provided meat for the table and leather for clothes, furniture, and religious objects.  But they also played a major role in government, particularly as warriors and emissaries of the king.  It was often a hunter of great renowned who would lead the Kings army, protect the village, or perform any service which required stealth and cunning. 

This hunter carries a sack which contains all of his needs while hunting.  It likely would include a charm of some kind as well.  This charm would protect the hunter from any supernatural powers that might try to thwart his success. 

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