Osamede - Zulu Commander Warrior Mask  
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Zulu Commander Mask
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This is a companion pieceto the Zulu King Warrior mask (which has already sold) and Zulu Queen Warrior Mask.  It was inspired by pictures that the artist saw.  He then carved a Zulu King, Queen, and Commander mask.  Each piece does stand on its own, however, although the set would be striking together.

You can see the strength and resolve in the face of this Zulu warrior commander.  I would not want to meet him on the battle field.

The piece is substantial, the largest of the three masks, standing 25 inches high, 9 wide and weighing 9 pounds.

The intricacy of the headdress or helmet is wonderful and the face shouts character.  The mask would be a fine protector over any home or office. 

This beautiful african mask is carved in fine Nigerian hardwoods. 



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