Owie - Tall Fulani Milk Seller  
stripe decor

Tall Milk Seller


The Fulani people in northern Nigeria depend upon cow milk and meat for their survival. The women take the majority of the responsibility for milking and selling the milk, which is the bulk of the families income during the year. She carries the milk on her head, and carries the ladle / cup to serve out portions.

Women provide milk for the babies, and for the village. They are vital for the survival of the family and the village.  The adage that a mother is the hardest working member of society could never be more true!

This unique depiction of a Fulani Milk Seller stands 34 inches tall and weighs about 7.2 pounds. The detail is wonderful, the grain is excellent.  The contrast between her smooth skin, and rough clothing is suprisingly consistent with reality.  The piece stands on its own. The Fulani woman is crafted from local Ebony wood.

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