Owie - King with staff  
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Queen Idia- Ceremonial Dress
by Yemi   Standing Oba, African art, statue, wood carving, African masksStanding oba, African art, statue, wood carving, african masksStanding Oba, statue, wood carving, african art, african masksStanding Oba, Statue, Wood carving, African Art, African Masks

This is a lovely depiction of Queen Idia in palace regalia during peace time.  She is holding a ceremonial staff which depicts the power and status of the holder.

I love the detail in the gown on this piece, and am sure you will as well. 


She is carved from local hardwoods, and is stained black.  She stands about 18 inches tall, and 3 inches wide, and weighs 3 pounds. 

Price $300.00


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