Owie - Queen Eden Mask - NEW!  
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Queen Eden Mask

This is a small mask or bust of Queen Eden.  There is a significant history associated with it and it reinforces the adage that behind every successful man there is a women.

Queen Eden was the wife of Oba Ewape during his reign there was a crisis where the King mysteriously lost his fame and respect and all his subjects refused to pay homage to him. His wifes friends and clients deserted him and hewas even denied entry to his mothers village when he went for assistance. He returned to his palace and consulted with the oracle who informed him that to regain his lost glory he had to offer a human sacrifice.  As there was no way to get a human for the sacrifice to meet the deadline of the oracle Queen Eden offered herself and instructed the king that her grave must be protected and that no one should step or walk on it. The grave sight is located at the present Oba Market

This is a lovely if not simple carving in kings ebony.  It stands 16 inches tall and weighs 3 pounds.  The height gives it a delicate look and feel for a piece that is only 2.5 inches wide at the base. 

Price - $400.00


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