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Queen Idia - Bust
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She was the mother of King Esigie, an oba (king) in Benin City.  He was the first Oba to speak any language other than Yoruba.  Queen Idia was a great warrior who fought to maintain the empire of her son.  She fought like a man, was brave and powerful.  She is a symbol of woman’s liberation. 

Typically she is represented as a fierce warrior.  We had a mask recently which had skulls of vanquished foes accross the top, which is a fairly typical presentation.  This is by far the most feminine portrayal I have ever seen of her, and it is lovely.

She represents power, skill, and loyalty, and I think in this bust is still very feminine - she has it all! 

This wonderful bust is nearly 17 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and weighs 11 pounds.  It is designed to free standing.  The statue is crafted from local hardwood.



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