Owie - Dancing Benin Chief  
stripe decor
Dancing Benin Chief    
by Owie    

This is a representation of a Benin Chief dancing before the King at ceremony.  There are ceremonial swords used in many cultures in S.W. Nigeria.  There are different ceremonial swords used, but common ones are called Ape (ahpay) or Abani.  The swords were made of metal, but had no war function, they were purely ceremonial.

This wonderful and unique piece can be free standing, or hung on the wall (there is a spot behind the sword to hang it by).


The detail is wonderful, and the position of chief with the decorated wall behind him all carved from a single piece of wood, is amazing.  This was a high ranking chief judging by the beads around his neck, and the detail in his clothing. 

Carved from local hardwoods this substantial piece stands 25 inches tall, 5 inches wide, and weighs just over 8 pounds.


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