Yemi - Peace Doves  
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Peace Doves
Artist: Yemi  

This is a lovely example of Yemi's work, and her heart.  These two complimentary pieces represent peace and friendship. 

If you saw the movie "Home Alone 2" you saw MacCauly Culkin's character give a ceramic dove to a homeless women, and he tells her that as long as we each have one you know you always have a friend. 

You can do what you want with these, but I think a freindship gift would be very special. 

Carved lovingly in local hardwoods the two pieces subtley complement each other, whether on the same display or far apart.  On the detail picture you can see the Yemi cut through the wing, which is not noticeable except up very close.  It does not diminish from the overall effect and message of the piece.

The detail is wonderful, from the long braid to the detail on the doves.  Each pieces stand about 16 inches tall and together the delicate pieces weigh about a pound and a half. 

Price $500.00 for the pair


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