Pius - Elephant Masks  
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Elephant Masks

These two lovely masks or wall hangings go together as you can see. 

Yet each one stands on its own and is unique.  Notice the difference in details

in the mouth, eyes, and horn configurations. 

Carefully crafted from hardwoods, these substantial pieces stand about 21 inches high by 9 inches wide,

and weigh about six pounds each.  They are stunning as a set, but can be hung individually as well.  We recommend them for a home or office where they would enhance any decor, and are a wonderful conversation piece. 

In the closeups provided you will notice that these pieces show some fine lines near the bottom, which are not noticable except up close.  This is not unusual for wood carvings of this size, however we recommend that you not purchase them if you are from an extremely dry climate - Arizona for example - as it will tend to exacerbate the cracks.  A humid climate on the other hand will diminish them, perhaps to the point of not being noticable at all.  I nonethless point them out in order to not have any suprises when they arrive. 

The pair - $ 200.00