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Unity Mask
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This wonderful mask represents the three major tribes in Nigeria, with the minor tribes represented by the smaller mask.  The major tribes are the Hausa, Ibo, and Yoruba.  There are literally hundreds of smaller tribes spread throughout the country.  Historically, it is very typical for tribes to be battling with each other over land, slaves, or commerce. 

Even today there are significant political challenges associated with the major tribal groups.

The goal of this mask is to promote unity and harmony among the various tribes.  All tribes are represented and the ivory flute is playing music to promote harmony among them.  It is an important message at any time or age, but particularly poignant as 2007 is a presidential election year in Nigeria. 

The mask is carved from royal ebony with a natural clear wax polish applied.  This mid-sized mask stands 23 inches tall and weighs nearly 8 pounds.  It is designed to be free standing. 

Price - $350.00

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