Yemi - Native Dancer  
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Native Dancer
    Native dancer carving, african art, african masks, wood carvingNative dancer new view, african art, african masks, wood carving, statueNative Dancer new view, african art, wood carving, statue, african masks

There are many different native dancers in NIgeria.  Among the most prominent are the Bata Dancers in S.W. Nigeria, home of the Yoruba Tribe. Associated with Sango – God of Thunder – the Bata Dancer dances to the beat of the Bata drum.

Traditional Bata Dancers worshiped Sango, and in some cases would perform some magical display. Today there are professional Bata dancers who are experts in the specific rhythms, techniques, and steps of Bata dancing.  Sometimes an entire family will get involved, and they are called a Bata Family.  Otherwise there are many different native dances for celebrations like weddings, funerals, festivals, and tribal events. 

The traditional dress of dancers is fairly simple, typically a flowing robe.  The fabric was plain with no embroidery on the neck and around the neck, as are very common today. 

This delightful piece stands just over 21 inches tall, and weighs just over 7 pounds. The Native Dancer is crafted from beautiful local Teak wood.


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